Getting closer to a better you!

Just a couple weekends ago, I attended the “NorCal Fitness Summit” where trainers and nutritionists alike came together and attended several different sessions of various different health-related topics to further educate themselves in the field. I have been so stoked about this for weeks due to wonderful impact last year’s conference had on me. The entire event exceeded my expectations. The presenters who spoke at these sessions were some of the best in the Health and Fitness field. All of the attendees were all extremely passionate about helping others. These two components combined created an amazing experience, one that would be very difficult to replicate. I left the conference last Sunday with an immense amount of knowledge that will allow me to better help increase my clients’ quality of living. I was also able to make some new connections and friends that could potentially be lifelong.

What are you doing in your own life to become a better version of you? What does a better version of you look like? What habits could you be practicing? What kind of communities can you align yourself with?

If you are stuck and are searching for more resources and tips on becoming your best you, do yourself a favor and invest in opportunities similar to the conference I just attended. The experience and value added alone are absolutely irreplaceable. You are, after all, a product of your life’s experiences and it is entirely up to you on what you expose yourself to. 

Go ahead and get a little more uncomfortable. 
Feed your mind, feed your soul. 

You deserve it. 

Christopher "Fit" Wells