One day at a time!

The other day, I approached my math professor with some concerns I was having with some of the problems presented in class last week. I was struggling and needed some guidance. After having had a great conversation with him, I started thinking about the many things that needed to be done over the next couple of days. As this list built up in my head, frustration began to set in. Right away, I thought to seek guidance from my Professor in regard to this as well. After all, he is one of the busiest and successful people that I know. "Professor Rob, how do you do it, man?", I asked. "How are you able to keep up with your insane workload and manage everyday life?" To which he responded, "One day at a time." Simple, yet oh so powerful.

After thinking over his response for a few days, I found the power in his statement. Simply trusting in your ability to focus on only one or two things, rather than taking on everything at once, really produces higher quality results. This can be applied to may aspects in your life, whether it be diet and exercise or chores around the house. 

Start by doing a small "needs analysis". Prioritize the tasks that need to be taken care of first, and then continue down your list. For example, here is a "needs analysis" for my upcoming week:

See? Now, I can see that from my list of things to do, homework is the priority at hand. Once I have knocked out homework, I'll follow the same outline above to discover what my next priority is and so on.

Once you have decided on what task needs your attention the most, you can act accordingly, aka hone in on them, and CRUSH them! When applying this concept to your fitness and nutrition, remember to focus on what you and your coach or online training program have laid out. Prioritize getting a little better every single day- Think about this way, if do this everyday for the next month, then you'll be 30X better than you are right now.

Not to say it won't be challenging and you won't have any distractions, but then again you are a BEAST and you got this.

I use the same, successful approach with my online and in-person clients. Those who are consistent find more value in this than those who are not. 

Christopher "Fit" Wells