You First!

It's pretty easy to fall into that habit of putting others first- your children need costumes, pumpkins need to be carved, your boss needs that report. At it’s core, it is human nature to tend to the needs of others. I personally have fallen into the mode of taking care of others needs before ensuring mine were already met. I noticed, however, that when I stopped taking care of myself, it affected my ability to take care of others. How could this be? Well, there’s a reason that airlines urge putting your mask on first before putting on your child’s mask in the case of an emergency. It’s simple, really. If you pass out, how can you help your child put their mask on?

To best serve your community, friends and family, make sure to make it a priority to put you first. Getting your weekly exercise in, following a healthy, whole, and real food diet, meditating- just to name a few. This puts you in a position to do even more for those that you are looking to devote your time and energy to. Either way, you absolutely deserve some rest and relaxation!

“Be there for others,
but never leave yourself behind.”

On this Halloween holiday, make sure you put your mask on first.

Christopher "Fit" Wells