Feel That Rush!!

As the Black Friday frenzy has come to a close, the Christmas shopping season continues to grow with intensity. Will you get all of your holiday shopping done on time? Who will hang the tree lights? Where did you stuff last years' decorations? While these are just some of the many thoughts that cross our minds during this time of year, I have a challenge for you that just might change the way you deal with most, if not all, of the craziness. 
In the middle of this busy season, try your best to notice when you are anxious, overwhelmed or crunched for time. Name exactly what’s going on right now. What are you doing…. right now? Making bad decisions can be automatic during this time. Taking a step back to briefly analyze the situation will help break those bad habits.
During this pause, take two or three deep breaths. This will help restore your cool, calm and collected self and allow you to get right back on track. Once you have checked back in, take note of how you now feel compared to how you felt 5 minutes ago. Did you notice a difference? Well then, name it.
Continue to practice this overtime. Make it a point to make this new mental pattern permanent. It will take time and you will mess up. Try it again and smile through it anyway. In the end, you will find it is worth it.

“Knowing is not enough; We must apply.
Wishing is not enough; We must do.”

Christopher "Fit" Wells