Break it Down!

While we are still in the beginning stages of the year, many of us are actively working on crushing personal challenges and taking on new habits. These changes can sometimes seem unreachable- like its too far away to fully overcome those challenges, or like the habits will never stick. This feeling is absolutely normal for beginners as well as for the advanced players. Taking on any big challenge can have this effect. One of my favorite ways to attack this helpless feeling is to reverse engineer the process.

You need to recognize that if you are working on a year-long challenge, it can be very hard to stay focused if you are worried about the 12th month outcome. Instead, try and focus your efforts one month at a time. Monthly challenges are much more manageable and much more attainable.

Still not manageable for you? Keep it even simpler and break that down to a weekly focus. Think about it this way: by breaking it down to a weekly focus, you have 7 days prepare for, rather than 30! That is 23 days worth of space removed from your personal hard-drive—freeing up room for other tasks that require your attention.

If you really want to increase your success-rate, break it down even further by focusing on day-to-day challenges that will lead you to crushing your weekly goals which will help lead you to that monthly goal and…get where I’m headed here?

BOOM, before you know it, you’ll have overcome that whole year goal. 

I suggest that you start writing it all down. Perhaps make a daily or weekly check list and mark off all your accomplishments. This way you are able to go back and see how much you've done and whether or not what your focusing on is actually working for you. Make changes wherever you see fit and always ensure to keep it challenging.

Most importantly though, have fun! Enjoy the process.

“It is never too late to become who you might have been.” -George Eliot