That is Correct!

I am probably not the only one that has heard someone say, “I can’t do that!” or “I’m not strong enough to run that obstacle race...” or even “I’ll never be able to make that amount of money". The unfortunate part about statements such as these is that whomever is claiming them is absolutely correct. Often times, the statements are held true only because they have allowed them to be so. Instead of feeding their mindset with positivity and prioritizing grit, they are allowing themselves to fall victim to this negative self-talk.

This is something we can all relate to. I also catch myself in the act every so often. However, the more goals I have set and achieved, the more I have realized how powerful a role our minds play in steering the direction of our lives. I specifically remember standing in front of the mirror, years ago, and saying to myself, "One day, I am going to help as many people, as I possibly can, to lead healthier lives". From that moment, this was all I thought about, every single day, until more and more opportunities arose that allowed me to do just that. What I began to notice here was that opportunities to get closer to your goal tend to present themselves moreso when you focus on them. Focus requires maintaining good habits and staying consistent (i.e.: regularly training and feeding yourself mostly whole foods).

Sometimes, the opportunities will come disguised as failures. You mustn't let this stop you. Many people that have achieved their ultimate goals found that their "ah-ha" moment wast just on the other side of that huge setback. It's just a matter of getting back up after you have fallen. So, if you are even considering the idea of making a change for the better, then DO IT. The more that you hesitate, the more you will come up with excuses and reasons why not to. Ultimately, it is up to you because...

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford.