Take that to the Bank!

So, how is it going so far? You know, that new habit that you decided to focus on now that you’ve tightened things up and made some time for yourself? Some of you have maybe decided to practice a simple habit, such as no longer buying groceries that come in a plastic container or box. Some have decided to start drinking low to no-calorie drinks, like sparkling water or hot tea. What about that new exercise routine that you just began? Stop and assess how it is going so far.

Let me be one of the first to applaud and congratulate you for taking this step, for making a commitment to increase your quality of living. This is going to be a long journey but it is going to be a very rewarding one. One thing to be mindful about, while adopting this new process, is to ensure that you are taking into consideration all aspects that contribute to this healthier lifestyle—like that thing called sleep and recovery that we tend to overlook from time to time?

You may now be noticing new, stiff or sore areas of your body that have you saying, “I had absolutely no idea that there was a muscle there!” In order to stay in it for the long haul, it is important to show those areas of your body attention by mitigating the muscle stiffness or soreness as much as possible.

There are a few, simple, ways to do so...

Foam Rolling
One way to do so is going to be foam rolling on a daily basis. This not only speeds up recovery but it also hydrates the fascia surrounding your muscle groups, giving you more degrees of freedom to move and prevent injury. 

Proper Nutrition
Another way to tend to your body is by nourishing yourself with proper nutrition. The vitamins and minerals that we get from nutrient-dense foods help repair our bodies after an intense workout. Again, always keep it simple: choose dark leafy greens, colorful fruits/vegetables and whole foods that are, or at least are close to, their original state. 

Ahh! Yes, and of course, finally, there is sleep! Sleep will allow your body to reset and replenish the energy needed to stay on top of your new habits. Perhaps try to create a bedtime routine that ensures you’ll get enough rest most nights.

Taken straight out of the online, nutrition program I offer, PN provides a great analogy—think of your quality of living as a bank account. When you train too hard or intake processed foods, you are withdrawing from that account but when you properly recover and nourish your body with good nutrients, you are making deposits. Hopefully, you’d want to increase the value of your account by making more deposits than withdrawals.

Take notice of the daily transactions you partake in when it comes contributing to the quality of your life.

Christopher "Fit" Wells