Which way to spin?

As you may already know, the worst part about healthy habits is that if you happen to slip up on your consistency, progress can slowly start to spiral downward.
The spiraling in the wrong direction happens to us all.
If you stay up late, you will be exhausted the next day and unable to focus on your important tasks. You will fall behind and end up "not having time” for exercise or for prepping your healthy meal that you had planned to after work. Instead, you decide to pick up some fast food on your way home, plop right on that couch and binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Because you were 2 or 3 hours into Game of Thrones episodes, you end up going to bed a little bit later again and viola, behold the downward spiral in full effect.
You begin to feel helpless and out of control. These types of feelings tend to call for comfort, which is easily found in the foods that we shouldn't be eating or the couches we should be getting off from.
Fortunately for us, the spiral can go both ways!
When we take small, positive steps, such as shutting down all electronics by a specific time, we lead ourselves into more positive action steps, like going to bed early and getting the rest and recovery that we need! This long lost and much-needed R&R will help to mitigate the cravings that you had before, while simultaneously giving you the energy for optimal performance the next day to get moving. When you meet deadlines, you’ll tend to find it a little bit easier to squeeze in a 20-minute workout, which is more likely to lead you to a clean dinner meal of lean protein, dark leafy vegetables, smart carbs* and healthy fats.
Your spiral starts to go in your desired direction for positive change.
Take some time and ask yourself, "Which direction is my spiral in right now?" Trace your steps back and record the good actions that you took to get to where you are. Be sure to ask yourself, "How's that working for me?" Also, be sure to be raw and honest with yourself. Notice when and if you are spiraling in the wrong direction. Take the initiative and start small in redirecting your spiral in the right direction. Why? Because, as we’ve been discovering all this month, YOU are ALWAYS in control. That's why.
Be Well,
Coach Chris
"Believe you can, and you are halfway there." -Theodore Roosevelt