Getting Rid of the Noise


Getting Rid of the NoiseI'm sure you would agree that most of our lives are filled with busyness, distractions and time-wasters. The attention span of the average person has been said to have dropped below the attention span of a goldfish. Now THAT'S a distraction.

If only we could filter out all of the time wasters and distractions. What if we could find a way to focus on the critical objectives and minimize the noise?

We have more say and power over this epidemic than most people think. It's the habits that we have formed throughout our lives that make it seem like there is no way to break this chain.

I challenge you to take the rest of your week to notice and name what noise and time-wasters you have in your own life. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is to write them down as soon as you notice them.

Some of the big time-wasters for me include the following:
• Blogs
• Youtube
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Email
• Reddit

…did I mention Facebook?

After you've written down all of the disrupters, you want to get into the mind frame of, "How do get rid of them?” First, you have to decide whether or not you genuinely welcome this change, full-heartedly. Once you have decided this for sure, it's time to take action.

1. Head over to your phone's setting and turn off as many notifications as possible.
2. Set a limit and decide how often you will be checking on specific apps. 
(For example, Facebook 2X/day, Instagram 2X/day and emails 3X/day)
3. Remove the apps and accounts that do not serve a purpose.
4. Set a specific time, each day, to watch TV or a movie, if that's what you enjoy. Setting a time limit for TV—let’s say, between 6PM and 8PM—limits how much space TV controls your life.
5. Designate your devices. 
(For example, I only use my tablet for Youtube)

Taking action on just a few of these tips will be your jumpstart to clearing mental clutter and getting rid of the unwanted and unproductive noise. Focusing on one action step at a time is your guaranteed way to Getting Rid of the Noise.

Be Well,
Coach Chris

"You manifest your own future, one action step at a time.”
—Yours Truly