Set it and DON'T forget it.

Recently, I have taken on some new and exciting challenges in my personal training and nutrition coaching business! I’ve been attacking these projects with a "stay ready so that you don't have to get ready” mindset.
I’ve been completing the tasks necessary to overcome these challenges left and right and have noticed successful results. 
Usually, tasks like this remain on the back burner for quite some time before getting done. So, what changed? I began to set deadlines! For example, I have used an upcoming trip in December as my deadline to complete all fourth quarter business goals. Without this deadline, those goals could go unrealized into 2018.
“Why set a deadline?” you ask? Once you set the timeline in stone, perhaps on your calendar or as a reminder on your phone, you are less likely to take longer than that set period to meet your deadline. This big red box on your calendar or alarm on your phone adds another element of accountability that most of us need to get it done. (I know I do!)
These self-imposed deadlines seem to be just what the doctor ordered. You, of course, need to make sure that you have time blocked areas in your schedule to take care of you.
Here are some tips to keep in mind and questions to ask when deciding on your specific deadline(s):
Make sure that you are setting yourself up for success.
Have a specific plan for exactly how you are going to execute your task. What time of the day have you set aside for it? What are problems that you may run into? 
What's your ‘why’?
Know and understand your motivating factor as to why you have set this deadline. What's your ‘why’ and does it align with your core values? Use it for inspiration when you are feeling resistance in completing the task.
What happens next?
This pretty much picks up where your “why” leaves off. It's super important to know exactly what the reward is in completing your task. What freedom or opportunities will be available to you once you have met the deadline? Write it down, picture it, and you’ll be working to complete it in no time.
Deadlines shouldn't be an “all day, everyday day” practice. It can be precisely what we need when we need but should be used to help you and not harm your personal wellness. When you have a deadline in mind, the likelihood of participating in other activities that don’t help you meet that deadline decreases. 
It forces you to focus on one priority while pushing you past the anxiety and fear that may be holding you back. So make sure to set it and don't forget it!
Be well,
Coach Chris
“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional."
-Roger Crawford