On the Road Again

This weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Texas for the first time. Being in an unfamiliar environment for multiple days served as a great reminder of the importance of always staying prepared and keeping a proactive mindset. Applying these tactics has made this trip one of my best ones yet!

By following the tips outlined below, I found myself in certain situations where I was able to continue my workout regimen, stay hydrated, eat my dark leafy greens, brightly colored vegetables, and maintain a great source of healthy fats and lean protein. Whether your next trip is for business or pleasure, make sure to…

1. Pack your own greens! Fresh greens or salad mixes hold up pretty well on the road. What I like to do is store them in a zip-lock baggy or a to-go container, with a wet paper towel to keep them hydrated.

2. Plan ahead. Scope out the restaurants that will be in your area ahead of time. Do your research and make sure that they have the protein sources you’ll need to help keep you in line with your goals. Most places will have vegetarian and vegan options as well (Dallas not included…just kidding…kind of).

3. Hydrate! Keep a couple of bottles of water with you for back up. Staying hydrated is going to be an essential way to be focused and energized.

I’ve found these tips to not only be helpful while traveling or on vacation but also for those of us that are constantly driving to and from work. Some other tips include investing in a travel cooler, booking a hotel room with a kitchen and packing some homemade bars and snacks.

These are just some quick tips to keep in mind the next time you’re on the road again!