Keep On Keepin' On!

You've been doing your best to give your daily habits 100% effort these past couple of weeks; however, there seems to be a common theme of distractions holding you back. Your meals are already prepped. Your workout schedule for the week is in the books! You are on your way to emulating the focus and discipline of a Tibetan monk! Just when you notice yourself crushing your goals, you get blind-sided! Your co-worker or friend invites you out for that event that may lead to that thing that you are trying to overcome. That thing that doesn’t exactly support your new, healthy lifestyle. Maybe it’s just a “harmless” conversation with a topic that does not align with your core values. How do you politely decline?

The truth is that you are changing for the better. Everyday, you are becoming stronger and more disciplined. Not only can you see it, but others can see it as well. What they sometimes cannot see, though, is how important this process is to you. Sometimes, they need a different method of clarification. There are a few different options that come to mind that you can use to notify them.

First option, keep on keeping on. Carry on with your commitments and ignore their attempts at distracting you. It could take multiple failed attempts for them to really get the message loud and clear. Actions tend to speak louder than words thus continuing to stick to your plan-of-action speaks volumes! Staying persistent and politely declining, regardless of their persuasion, builds grit and perseverance. These are two very beneficial and transferable traits.

Another option would be to have a crucial conversation. This can be difficult; however, when executed cooly, calmly and collectively, it has a pretty high success rate. A good example of when to bring this up would be after they have insisted yet again that you just try one of the doughnuts—your response should sound something like, “Thanks again for the offer but, knowing that I am working on maintaining healthy habits, why is it so important to you that I have that doughnut?” This is another transferable trait that is great for effective communication.

Even though your mind is set on delaying gratification, many obstacles will still be thrown at you. Keep up the hard work and continue setting a good example. Acceptthese hurdles as challenges and take them head-on with your proactive plan-of-action! When in doubt, keep on keeping on!

“Honesty is telling the truth to other people. Integrity is telling the truth to yourself." -Spencer Johnson