Making Habits Stick Part 4: Tying it Together

Sticking to a new habit isn’t always easy — but if you set your efforts in a sustainable manner, you can defy resistance and make your habits stick. We went in deep over the past few weeks on this topic. Feel free to refer back to Part 1Part 2 or Part 3 if you missed any or need a reminder.

Even though it may not be easy, that does not mean that starting a new habit has to be hard. Often times, we get overly excited about starting a new exercise or diet plan, or even starting something as simple as waking up early. Soon, though, that excitement can be shortstopped by a number of obstacles, making it difficult for us to practice these habits long enough for them to be automatic. The following steps, as mentioned in the last couple weeks, can get us through such obstacles...

Step One: Notice
In the first step, I mentioned how noticing plays an important part in getting us closer to understanding ourselves better and why we react the way we do. When you clearly identify what the actual cause of resistance is, it becomes so much easier to make your new habits stick. Noticing what is going on around us and in our minds brings us closer to the clarity and awareness needed to be our best selves and take the best next action. Remember to write down what you notice when experiencing turbulence or resistance working towards your goal. Don’t judge anything at first, just take notes. You are simply observing at this point.

Step Two: Name
Next, naming the obstacle at hand brings us closer to making all of our habits stick. Name the specific obstacle that is getting in your way of sticking to the habit. Clearly identify and describe what needs to be addressed. What is the limiting factor that is behind your distraction? Once you have written down what you have noticed, follow up by doing the same for the obstacles that you have just named. This practice of noticing and naming can seem tedious at first, but once you get through it, it can be very rewarding. 

Mastering these steps gives us a huge advantage in breaking the habit cycle! 
After that, it's on to conquering whatever it is you want next!

"Start now! If you are waiting for all elements to be perfect, you'll be waiting a long time. Stop waiting and start doing."