5 Ways to Combat Naysayers

You have been pursuing your personal goals with a ruthless determination! Your consistency and focus are second to none; however, the detractors and naysayers never seem to go away, do they? We can sometimes be deceived by those who may appear to be good for us but, instead, are actually pushing us in the opposite direction in life. You will have all of the tools that you need to take care business the next time that you notice these detractors at work. The following are some tips that I have found useful.

Learn how to spot them. 
Sometimes we don't even realize when someone else is being a naysayer. They may be someone that we trust—a co-worker, family member or spouse—so when they say some of these negative words, it cuts a little deeper than it normally would. If they make you feel like giving up or quitting, you may be dealing with a detractor. Try to notice how you react here, then ask yourself, "Why? Why did I react this way?"

Check for validity.
Do they have a valid point? Most people may just be trying to be realistic. It is possible that there are good intentions behind their negativity. Take an objective stance here and think about whether or not they are bringing to light an obstacle that you need to overcome. If it seems so, begin to figure out how you can overcome it! 

...What if they don't have a valid point? 
I'm so glad that you asked.

Get rid of the negativity that you receive from them.
These naysayers and detractors have a way of rubbing off on you and transferring negativity to you. Small seeds of insecurity are very easily spread and, before you know it, the foundation that you have been working so hard to build can be ruined by these “sprouted roots”. Kick those negative thoughts right away and redirect your focus back on the positive instead.

Realize that these people will always exist.
We will always have these distractions and detractors in our lives! It is simply up to you whether or not you let these people affect you. While it is almost impossible to avoid them, you can still ignore them. By smiling and letting them do all of the talking, they eventually begin to hear the words that are coming out of their mouths or start to notice that you aren't that interested in the negativity that they are emitting.

Have a counter-argument ready and stand your ground!
People are just misinformed most of the time. Staying aware of this possibility puts you in an advantaged position, as you will be able to stay calm and patient throughout the discussion. Do your research and study the information necessary to stay informed. With a positive mindset and attitude, try to educate the detractor. You will either, a) educate someone on increasing the quality of their living or, b) maintain your personal beliefs and stick to your core values. That's a win-win situation in my book!

Just like the many other obstacles that you will have to overcome, naysayers and detractors will always be in your life. These tips will allow you to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day! It's up to us to take ownership in every outcome in life and stay ahead of the game.

"We must not allow other people's limited perceptions define us." -Virginia Satir