Getting into the "Now"

You can significantly benefit from being more present and mindful in many different ways. One of the greatest benefits in being more present is enjoying the essence and the beauty of the moment at hand. When you are present, it is easier to notice and name what is going on around you. You can better observe signs of anxiety, procrastination, anger, or resistance. This makes it easier to identify and take the next necessary step towards self-growth.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to get caught up in the every day distractions and forget this practice of being present. On top of that, it can be a very complicated learning process. Trust me, I'm still figuring it out after all these years.

Here are some practical methods that help me practice getting into the "now":

Practice a new habit of focusing on slow belly (diaphragmatic) breathing for 1-2 minutes, upon waking up. When you notice your mind start to wonder, just name what is going on at that moment. Then, simply return to strictly keeping your focus on your breathing. It may even be beneficial to set a timer when you begin this practice. Expand your time by 1 minute each following week. Eventually, you will start to find additional slots throughout the day where you can practice even more.

Utilizing a source of accountability is an excellent way to hack the system. Find a family member or friend who is willing and able to check in on your meditation practices regularly. This could be as simple as a phone call once or twice a week. Adding support to this process will make it so much easier to stay consistent. You may even inspire others to look into their own meditative practices.

Identifying Purpose
You should always ask yourself,  "Are my actions lining up with my core values?" Make sure that you are setting an intention that aligns to this identified core value before you take action. For example, before you go to prep your meal, clean the bathroom or foam roll, take a moment and remember the particular purpose for that action–this will help you become more familiar and strongly connected to your core values.

Through meditation, accountability, and identifying purpose, you will find it easier to take control of those crucial moments where life is about to knock you over and kick you in the teeth. Stay in control... Stay present!

"Success is the sum of all efforts repeated day in and day out." -Robert Collier