Just One!

This month, you have focused on jump starting your energy and productivity levels…Bravo!
First, you have discovered how trying a simple dish, with a vegetarian or vegan twist, can do wonders for focus! Sometimes applying The Old Switcharoo to your life is exactly what you need. 
Then, you learned about how Working Less For More is more attainable and realistic than most people think it is. Challenging yourself to set a nightly cut off time 1 hour before bed can make a world of difference, am I right or am I right?
Just last week, you found 5 Ways to Combat Naysayers, which included learning how to spot them, checking for validity, getting rid of the negativity that you receive from them, realizing that these people will always exist and having a counter argument ready while standing your ground.
Now, take action TODAY and focus onjust one of these tips that will lead you to some much needed, and much deserved, improved energy and production levels.
You won't want to miss next month, as I will talking about the importance of eating your age and not your shoe size
For more information on doing exactly that until next time, you can head over to www.mrfitwells.com/nutrition or shoot me an email with any questions you might have about what that entails and I will get right back to you (mrfitwells@yahoo.com)
We're a product of our choices. 
Everything matters. 
It all adds up. 
Big choices. 
Little choices. 
We're a product of it all.
Choose wisely.
...and most importantly, be well!