Quick tips for Easy Living Pt 3 of 4

Another round of tips to put to use this week!

Say cheese
Smiling during the times you don't want to signifies strength

F • R • I • E • N • D • S
So no one told you life was gonna be this way...Sorry. True friendship is a gift and not something that we necessarily possess.

Hold that thought!
Keep in mind, almost nothing is as serious as it may seem while in the heat of the moment.

Done and Done
Before you go to bed, do a brain dump– create a list of 4-5 tasks that need to be done tomorrow. Set yourself up for success.

Do your most important task first thing in the morning.

Do you really want this?
When you think that you want something, put it off for about a month. When your time is up, and you still want it, only then take it.

No texting and driving
When you are driving, take that time to work on mindfulness and checking in with yourself–put that phone away somewhere you can't reach for it.

Next week, I'll be touching on more Quick Tips for Easy Living!

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Be well,
Coach Chris

"You are far too smart to be the only one standing in your way." -Jennifer J. Freeman