Quick tips for Easy Living Pt 4 of 4

Do you see a difference by using the different life hacks over the course of this month? Your life will continue to have ups and downs; however, if you can put some of these hacks to good use, you will be able to bounce back like a champ! 

Let's wrap up this month with a few more quick tips that will lead to Easy Living...

Don't think so much
Try to make a decision within 5 minutes. Taking any longer than that can create stress.

Practice being silent a little every day. This is another practice that leads to increased self-awareness and meditation.

Clean your plate
Wash your plate as soon as you finish...something I also need to do a lot more of!

Cut them some slack
Give people the benefit of the doubt. They could very well be going through something that you don't even know about.

Let it be
Use your delayed flight as an opportunity to pause for a moment instead of stressing out. When everything seems to stand still, let it.

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Be well,
Coach Chris

"What you do is what counts. Not what you think about doing, talk about doing or have the intentions of doing. Only actions create results ." -Unknown