Different Recipes for Motivation!

You are not the only one that this happens to. You know, when you have that overwhelming sensation of excitement and enthusiasm to finish a project but then, out of nowhere, FLAT LINE…it's gone! Just like a slice of lasagna that you left on your plate while running to see who was at the door but, forgot that your puppy, Rufus, had been patiently waiting for a moment to pounce!
…Sorry, maybe I got a little carried away there.
I struggle with this one sometimes as well. Except when it comes to watching Game of Thrones. Zero loss of motivation there! 
We are all wired differently, which means that we need to try different recipes or methods that will keep us motivated. This just comes down to a little trial and error. Like an experiment.
Here are six different recipes to help you with your motivation–
1- Deadlines
Creating deadlines with specific consequences could be just what the doctor ordered. Try sharing them with an accountability partner or publicly. For example, I have three major business projects with a personal deadline of September 15th and I made sure to tell, not just one, but three, significant people in my life who I trust to hold me accountable. Because honor and leadership are part of my core values, this small act has helped me increase the likelihood of completing those projects in time. The idea of that consequence should make you cringe–just like the thought of letting these people down does for me.
2- Compulsive Completion
You may be like me when it comes to finishing a to-do list. I have a strong lasting desire to complete that list when it’s in front of me. I think that most of us experience this desire, especially when the list is small and doable. Try making a list of 10 tasks that you can complete in 15 minutes or less or a list of 5 things that you can complete within a day. You can eventually combine this with recipe #1. Your success in completing the to-do list will only breed more success in other areas of your life.
3- Know your Why
Do you know what your Why is? If not, take a second and ask yourself, "Why is this my goal?" In my opinion, this is one of the most important things that you should first uncover when setting goals. This why of yours should have a strong meaning. It should be tied to something deep inside of you. A goal with no weight has no gravity.
No one knows you better than you do! You may use one of these methods and find that one to be the only one you needed, you may find that all three recipes work best for you, or you might even find that none of these were helpful at all. The goal is to figure out which recipe works best for YOU.

Be Well,
Coach Chris
"What one does is what counts.
Not what one had the intention of doing."

-Pablo Picasso

Christopher "Fit" WellsComment