R — cubed

You have most likely been receiving goal setting advice left and right over the past month. You are probably thinking, "Ok, Already! I get it! Goal setting is non-negotiable". With that being said, what have you decided to focus on?
So many goals to choose from, I know!
Instead of deciding on a specific goal, what if you put more energy into changing the way you handle situations? The avalanche of adverse events that toppled upon you all at once. How could you make lemonade out of those lemons? The bonus that you were supposed to get that never came. How could you change your outlook on these kinds of events?
Try these 3 R’s on for size…
How about reframing some of your setbacks as opportunities? What are some ways that you can benefit from these situations? How can you use this to grow? How can you turn this "negativity" into something that improves yourself? I challenge you to reframe the negative outcome into something positive.
With the billions of different distractions in the world, being thrown off course is inevitable. Start thinking about how you can use your core values to start refocusing on the action items that will allow you to produce results.
Whether you believe it or not, you have the power to bounce back from ANYTHING. You were born with resilience—the natural ability to overcome any and every tragedy, crisis and misfortune that comes your way. No matter what’s going on, just know that everything is going to be fine and that this setback is a necessary storm.
So, are you still deciding on which goals you would like to accomplish? What would happen to your goal setting process if you start reframing, refocusing and tapping into your resilience? This can be an uncomfortable process. Fortunately, you are in the business of increasing the quality of your living.
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Be Well,
Coach Chris
"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."  —Robert Collier