Gain a new philosophy on fitness with our transformation programs.

When it comes to building a healthier lifestyle, the template you’ve been given, or patterns of behavior that you’ve been taught over time, play a big part in where you stand or see yourself on the continuum of wellness. What our team focuses on is helping you move along the continuum away from a “survival” lifestyle towards a more “thriving” lifestyle. Through awareness, education and growth, our team will help shape your overall filosophy to one that better serves you and promotes a long and fulfilling experience here on earth. While we work on shaping those ideals, you’ll also find the added benefits of weight loss, increased energy and overall increased self-confidence that are inevitable results of your new found mentality.


A Holistic Approach


We want you to reach your goals in a way that doesn’t make you compromise yourself.

“We have to come back to Nature. Unfortunately, I can’t suggest that you simply cut the junk foods from your diet and expect you to feel better and lose weight. Sadly, we’ve damaged Mother Nature enough that it may take thousands of years to repair Her.

This is why we must stick to organic foods and promote organic farming. To be healthy, you’ve got to model your eating, exercise and lifestyle after healthy people.

This is why we must stick to organic foods and promote organic farming. To be healthy, you’ve got to model your eating, exercise and lifestyle after healthy people. While modern medicine has long overlooked the study of healthy people, pioneering healthcare and agricultural professionals … have clearly demonstrated the benefits of organic foods for human health.”

At Filosofitness, we’ve adopted this Holistic Approach towards health and fitness because we agree with the realization that, as a society, we have moved too far away from Mother Nature’s source. We also realize though, that it is 100% possible to transition ourselves back to this source through habit-changing practices. This is our main focus and we invite you to use our professional knowledge and experience to change your entire life, one organic step at a time. If you are one that appreciates and aligns with natural and sustainable practices, you’ll fit right in our community.



There are two main factors that our team has found to be absolutely key in helping our clients

Accountability partnerships have shown to be one of the most important component of our success. Think about it In terms of your financial health. We all seek a CPA or accountant to help us make sure we are in line with our deadlines and up to standard practices. They also help our wallets get a little fatter by always staying current. This is what our partnership will do with your physical, mental and emotional health. We will keep you in line with your exercise and nutrition, we will remind you, consistently, of your goals. We will stay knowledgeable on everything holistic health -related so that you have all the information and updates.

As you may have heard before, you are the average of your 5 closest friends. What does that mean? That you are, without a doubt, a product of your environment. This is why we’ve set up our semi-private classes in such a way that you are re-wiring your habits amongst other, like-minded members of your community, to create a bigger stronger change.

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We help you self-actualize through the use of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

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